General English Courses


English School Dublin offers  General English courses for adults that are focused on Speaking English. Our courses are focused on  helping  you to  SPEAK English. You will practice and improve your English in a fun, relaxed and very friendly atmosphere. You will also learn essential grammar,and vocabulary for your level.


Get corrected as you speak

The teacher will correct your pronunciation,grammar/syntax and vocabulary.You will be speaking better English in no time



Speak like a native speaker

You will learn how native speakers link words together and how they speak quickly and clearly! 



Build your confidence

Our classes will help you to speak with confidence whether it is in a social, professional or exam environment. 





Intermediate – B1 Intermediate – B1
Mondays Wednesdays
1.5 hours per week 1.5 hours per week
Time:10.30-12.00h Time:10.30-12.00h
Price for 4 weeks Price for 4 weeks
€95 €95 



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