We are the only school in Dublin to offer 100% exam focused courses. We are also very proud of our success,the friendly and supportive atmosphere in our school, the goals that our students continually reach which is reflected in our exceptionally high pass rate and the large number of students who recommend us as the best place in Dublin to prepare for Cambridge exams.

Course outline: 

The Cambridge exam preparation expert teacher will show you exam strategy,  essential vocabulary,  Reading & Use  of English, Speaking and Listening practice and you be shown how to prepare for the Writing paper - essays,reports reviews/articles emails and letters. In the class, the teacher uses audio visual materials, official past papers and many other handouts which are essential for passing the exam. You will also do FULL PRACTICE EXAMS throughout the course.



Why Choose Us?

* Qualified, expert exam preparation native teachers with years of experience

* Exceptional pass rate- 97%-100% of our students pass

* Full  practice tests under real exam conditions throughout the course

* Full  practice speaking tests before you take the speaking exam

* Indiviual attention and support throughout your course

* Written work corrected and graded according to Cambridge University standards

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Cambridge First Cambridge First Cambridge First
Monday & Wednesday Monday & Wednesday Tuesday & Thursday
10.30h-12.00h 19.00h-20.30h 19.00h-20.30h
Price for 4 weeks Price for 4 weeks Price for 4 weeks
€135 €135 €135
Price for 3 weeks Price for 3 weeks Price for 3 weeks
€110 €110 €110
Price for 2 weeks Price for 2 weeks Price for 2 weeks
€75 €75 €75




Cambridge  Advanced Cambridge Advanced

Tuesday & Thursday

Tuesday & Thursday

10.30h-12.00h 19.00h-20.30h
4 weeks 4 weeks
€135 €135







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