We are a specialist language training centre which uses a combination of the most effective and modern teaching methodologies.

Our trainers follow a Communicative and Autonomous approach to teaching,both highly effective language teaching methods, which rapidly help you to improve fluency and communicate with confidence.

You can look forward to  a very friendly, supportive and motivating  experience where you are free to learn at a pace that suits you. If you want to pass your Cambridge exam, then you have come to the right place. We are The Cambridge Exam Preparation Experts in Dublin and the only school to offer 100% exam focused courses that run throughout the year.

Why Choose Us?

  • Dynamic, enthusiastic, friendly and highly qualified  teachers
  • Great prices
  • Individual attention, feedback and correction of your mistakes/errors
  • Very small classes  6 to 8 students per class maximum!
  • No mixed levels
  • Exceptionally high pass rate- 97% to 99% of our students pass


Si quieres ser atendido en español, no hay problema!

Hablamos español